Case Studies

Listen to the stories from my clients about how we have transformed their businesses and accelerated growth.

     We accomplished:

  • 75% growth with Increased profitability ($2.5 - $4M GAR)

  • Installed scalable organizational structure and roles: Leadership team and career paths

  • Strategic planning cadence: Focus and accountability to achieve strategic objectives

  • Implemented cascading meeting structure: Everyone bought-in and on the same page

Specialty Contractor | Vail, CO

White River Electric


     We accomplished:

  • Consistent revenue and profit growth                    ($40M -> $100M GAR)

  • Strategic planning cadence adopted

  • Transition from hard bid contractor to CM/GC

  • 90 BaseDoc SOP’s designed and implemented

  • Precon services transformed

  • Scalable organization structure for the future

Commercial GC | Cincinnati, OH

Conger Construction Group


Conger Construction Group

Justin Conger

The processes we’ve adopted and implemented and the ownership that’s taken up and down the organization has been fantastic. It’s helping us think about things in the business totally different than we did before. We’re building trust at every meeting and interaction. We’re there, we’re prepared, we’re discussing, we’re being up front. I think that builds a ton of confidence and trust.


White River Electric

Blake Martin

I can guarantee that whatever time you put into coaching and developing your management skills and your systems of operation, you’re going to gain tenfold on that time back in rewards. Eric's given me the ability to identify and pursue top clients and projects. This has allowed us as a company to streamline, and to become more focused and profitable. As a business we’ve been able to grow profits and our client list. There’s no way I’d want to go back to the way it was after seeing what an organizational team and chart can do for our company.

     We accomplished:

  • 400% profitable growth

  • Replaced himself in the business: Sustainable leadership structure in place

  • Scalable systems and KPI’s implemented 

  • Strategic system in place: Rhythm of strategic thinking, planning, communications and accountability

Specialty Contractor | Bozeman, MT

Bozeman Site Services


     We accomplished:

  • 700% profitable growth

  • Implemented scalable systems and organizational structure

  • Developed internal training and development 

  • Strategic transformation from high volume residential concrete subcontractor to high margin commercial concrete specialty contractor

Commercial Concrete
Specialty Contractor | Chattanooga, TN

Maven Group



Maven Group

Brandon Escandon

You helped me understand what kind of a framework was possible, and then helped me put in place what I should be looking for. The single biggest value that I got is a higher level perspective of what is possible and what it would look like in the future when we did what I wanted to do.


Bozeman Site Services

Doug Duschene

Once we put that management team in place, I was able to focus on how we can go bigger and we have grown significantly. I started working with you to scale past myself. Now we have a planning process. We made monthly and yearly goals and then slowly took steps to start achieving those. It’s pretty sweet to see those things come to fruition.

     We accomplished:

  • 200% profitable growth

  • Scaled past himself - Sustainable leadership structure in place

  • Transitioned from Excavation Company to Landscape Supply company

  • Strategic System in Place - Rhythm of Strategic Thinking, Planning, Communications and Accountability

Landscape Supply
Specialty Contractor | ON, Canada





Joe Dibbits

We’re excited to be where we are. We’ve virtually realized about 200% growth. I’ve realized the business can operate without me being the center of it. To equip others to take on roles and help manage our company, providing freedom for myself and a better quality of life.

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