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Engage expert help to achieve crystal-clear strategy, structure, and profitable growth owned and delivered by your team.

Where could your company be in one, three, or five years from now if you stopped fighting fires?

GC's and Specialty Contractors

Strategic Planning and Executive Coaching for

Improve clarity, buy-in and cohesion at all levels

Implement Cascading Communication System

Organize a scalable succession strategy of leaders who routinely train their replacements

Build Structure

Build bench depth of accountable leaders that take ownership

Scale Past Yourself

Ensure vision, guide rails, and strategies are clear, actionable and on rhythm


Case Studies

     We accomplished:

  • Consistent revenue and profit growth ($40-85M GAR)

  • Strategic planning cadence adopted

  • Transition from hard bid contractor to CM/GC

  • 90 BaseDoc SOP’s designed and implemented

  • Precon services transformed

  • Scalable organization structure for the future

Commercial GC | Cincinnati, OH

Conger Construction Group


     We accomplished:

  • 75% growth with Increased profitability ($2.5 - $4M GAR)

  • Installed scalable organizational structure and roles: Leadership team and career paths

  • Strategic planning cadence: Focus and accountability to achieve strategic objectives

  • Implemented cascading meeting structure: Everyone bought-in and on the same page

Specialty Contractor | Vail, CO

White River Electric


     We accomplished:

  • 700% profitable growth

  • Implemented scalable systems and organizational structure

  • Developed internal training and development 

  • Strategic transformation from high volume residential concrete subcontractor to high margin commercial concrete specialty contractor

Commercial Concrete
Specialty Contractor | Chattanooga, TN

Maven Group


     We accomplished:

  • 400% profitable growth

  • Replaced himself in the business: Sustainable leadership structure in place

  • Scalable systems and KPI’s implemented 

  • Strategic system in place: Rhythm of strategic thinking, planning, communications and accountability

Specialty Contractor | Bozeman, MT

Bozeman Site Services


     We accomplished:

  • 200% profitable growth

  • Scaled past himself - Sustainable leadership structure in place

  • Transitioned from Excavation Company to Landscape Supply company

  • Strategic System in Place - Rhythm of Strategic Thinking, Planning, Communications and Accountability

Landscape Supply
Specialty Contractor | ON, Canada



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Align all Stakeholders and Set-up Projects for Success

One-Team, One-Vision, One-Result


Implement Systems, Grow your Leaders and Your Business

We need help with strategy and a coach to help us get to the next level

Executive business coaching

Bring Your Team Together to Achieve Clarity and Buy-in Around a Concise Plan for Greater Impact

We need to refocus our team on a strategy that takes us to the next level


Which Service Fits Where You Are?

Protect margin, close out projects on-time, and be the easy button for future work

Enhance Operational Excellence

Differentiate yourselves as trusted advisors, rather than bearers of bad news

best-in-class precon

Fill your BD pipeline with work that fits in a balanced approach

Win profitable work

Engage in annual profit planning to drive tactical execution

Accelerate profitable growth

Transform your company

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Engage expert help to achieve crystal-clear strategy, structure, and profitable growth owned and delivered by your team.

Where could your company be in one, three, or five years from now if you stopped fighting fires?

Your time is too valuable to waste swimming in an endless sea of information, while drowning in a lack of strategic direction.

Many contractors see enormous opportunity on the horizon, but feel paralyzed by too many competing priorities to make meaningful progress on strategic objectives. They need help, but only find consultants who are generalists and don’t truly understand the unique challenges of growing a construction company. They need someone who has been there, and can help them differentiate themselves in a world where most of their competitors are promising the same thing and competing on price for both projects and people.

I can’t think of a more rewarding and difficult business to grow than a construction company. If you are reading this, you are likely one of the crazy ones who risk it all every day in the construction industry to build a more sustainable future. There are so many challenges that are unique to the construction industry, it’s impossible to list them all. The goal posts are constantly moving - owners who want more for less and quicker, labor shortages, changing talent pool, cost escalation, downward pressure on margins, and degradation of design to name a few.

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Eric is the founder of 44North USA and serves as Strategic Practice Leader of Peak Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in organizational health. Eric provides strategic planning and coaching for growing organizations. He has a unique background as a leader in operations, marketing, work procurement, and project development for a top-10 Contractor in the United States, Hensel Phelps Construction Co. and was one of the original co-founders of Old Elk Distilleries in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Eric earned a B.S. in Construction Management and Math Minor from Colorado State University in 1997 and holds professional designations as a Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) accredited professional, and LEED AP through the USGBC. He is an expert in helping companies build strategy, structure, systems, and culture.

Eric serves in various capacities on Boards and Advisory Boards for clients and other organizations.

Meet Eric

White River Electric

Blake Martin

I can guarantee that whatever time you put into coaching and developing your management skills and your systems of operation, you’re going to gain tenfold on that time back in rewards. Eric's given me the ability to identify and pursue top clients and projects. This has allowed us as a company to streamline, and to become more focused and profitable. As a business we’ve been able to grow profits and our client list.

Now I have a great team in place that I can delegate through. They’ve done a great job of managing the different aspects of the business. That’s allowed the business overall to be more successful. It’s taken the pressure off me as the owner, allowing me to pursue other opportunities. There’s no way I’d want to go back to the way it was after seeing what an organizational team and chart can do for our company.

case study


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